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This is my collection of photos that I have taken while up in the air or around the airport!
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13-May-03...First "Real" Flight As A Private Pilot! Me and Cate Went on an Evening Flight Over Lake Lanier! Look, She Stole My DCs! Atlanta Get-Together at The Border in Smyrna. We had a blast!! A Fine, Fine bunch of folks, Indeed!

01-Jun-03...Leisurely "Sunday Morning Drive!" Cate Flew a Little and is Turning Out to be Quite The Second-In-Command!

10-Jun-03...Took My Buddy Brent Flying. He Looks Pretty Calm Up There! Guess I Didn't Scare Him Too Badly!

05-Jul-03...Pima Air And Space Museum in Tuscon, AZ. An Absolutely Unbelieveable Collection of Airplanes.

23-Aug-03...Cross-Country to Macon, GA. 4'ers Had a Pop-Up Fly-In!!

Solo Day 31 December 2001! At Winder-Barrow Airport in N54069! Despite the Shorts, it Was About 33F!

These Pictures Were Shot On My First Solo Flight "Away From The Nest!"

These Are Pictures From My First Solo Cross-Country Flight From Lawrenceville, GA (LZU) To Milledgeville, GA (MLJ)

On Business in Phoenix, Arizona, I Went Flying One Evening And Logged 0.6 Hours Flying From Scottsdale Municipal (SDL)!

This time, in Albany, Oregon, I Went Flying And Logged 0.4 Hours Flying From Albany Municipal (S12)!

Crosswind Touch-and-Go Practice at LZU. Man, Was it Windy!

Checkride Prep! Cate Was Taking Pictures!

Took a Trip to MIA, and Got to Ride Around on The Ramp!

These Are Just Some Random Pictures
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Last Updated 06-SEP-2003